Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Dare #15

Get Creative with Die Cuts

These days we have all sort of tools to create die cuts, be they punches, handheld or electronic machines. We challenge the Dare Gals to show us their creativity in the use of die cuts.

Do you dare?

Here's what the Dare Gals have come up with:

Audrey - a card made using a butterfly punch.

Edleen - A LO created and decorated using a flower punch.
Michelle - Butterflies from Quickutz.


Rebecca said...

You have just really inspired me. These layouts are great! I will dare to be creative with my die cuts!

Anonymous said...

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jonaks said...

great challenges. i rarely use diecuts in my pages.

Eunides said...

I am Brazilian and loved the work done by you!

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