Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Dare #12

Inspired by Homemade Stamps

Stamping is becoming slowly but surely popular. A lot of companies have come out with their own acrylic stamps. For this week's Dare, we want you to create your own stamp. Take inspiration from your surrounding and see how you can easily create a stamped image from an ordinary object!

Do you dare?

This week Guest Designer is Sasha Farina. Here's what she has to say:

Hi ! I'm Sasha, a full time mommy to Neha (7) and Nidhi (5). September 5th 2006 was the day I started scrapbooking and you can say I never look back. I'm so lucky to have found some very genuine friends through scrapbooking. We keep each other inspired on a daily basis :)

I've been asked "What's your style?" And to be frank, I do not know what my style is. I like to try things and my motto is "Try everything, at least once". You never know what good things are gonna make their way to you and you have got nothing to lose. Based on that, I ventured into Digital Scrapbooking on June 5th, 2007. And a whole new world just opened up... seriously, so many things to do and learn! I'm being kept busy these days!

I find inspiration in the most mundane of things. Some of them are newspaper articles, the label on my dishwashing liquid and the cartoon my daughter watched on TV.

My "stamp" on this LO was made from Cork Placemat. I then painted it with Acrylic paint before stamping it on the LO. Can't wait to see what you will come up with :)

Here's Sasha's lovely creation:

Sasha uses cork

And here's what the Dare Gals have come up with:

Edleen uses a ruler


Joanne uses leaves

Michelle uses a round container


Sunday, 1 July 2007

Dare #11

Inspired by Transparencies

It's amazing how office supplies are suddenly making their way into scrapbooking. Well, this one is no exception! Transparencies seem to be making their appearance in a big way these day. You can easily find lovely pre-printed designs in the local scrapbooking store. Or you can even create your own design! This week, we challenge the Dare Gals to use tranparencies in the creations.

Do you dare?

Our Guest Designer is the uber talented Emeline Ng. This is what she has to say:

Hi ! I’m Emeline and I am a blessed SAHM to 2 very precious children - Telia and Trevan. I began scrapbooking 3 years ago after the birth of my daughter.

In the beginning, I merely journalled and pasted pictures onto albums. Along the way, things got interesting and more products became available. I began to add more and more onto my pages! This addiction of making my pages look pretty became a lifestyle - and most importantly to record life's precious moments.

I can't find a neat word to describe my style! It varies and evolves around the photos and pattern papers which I work with. Largely, it depends on the mood I wish to covey in the layout. I love to play with colours and find that scrapbooking is therapeutic and a form of self expression. I am thankful to have a very understanding and supportive husband who wholeheartedly encourages and provide for my passion in scrapbooking.

Truly, I am blessed to have several opportunities knocking on my doors and I hope to use my layouts to reach out to fellow scrappers. As I learn along the way, I hope to inspire and be inspired by you!

For this challenge, working on transparency brings back fond memories! School projects were normally done on transparencies back in school days when the over-head projector ruled! I used the transparency as overlay and underlay.

You can find out more about Emeline from her blog. Here's her lovely interpretation!

Here's what the Dare Gals have come up with: